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This is purely epic! :)
Please check out my tracks and maybe give me some hints to be better, if you want of course! ^^
I love your track!

Zinitymusic responds:

haha , thanks!! ^^
well. ill check them out !:)

I dig it.

You got a well nice style SBB. I really like the reggae / mexican feel to it. Good guitar riffs, and awesome melodies.

In my opinion, I did not really like the 'eerie' tone in some of the parts of the song. It didn't fit as well as it could have.

I would love to hear you make a pure Mexican Reggae song. You got the talent for it.

Keep up the good music.


Good song.

I don't hear a lot of good video game artists nowadays on newgrounds. Well what do you know, I just found one.

The structure of the song is very good, instruments came and left when they needed to. The melodies are fantastic, and the piano was a very nice touch to the song.

In my opinion, I think you could have took off the delay on the piano. It sounded too cheesy to me. The ending was also a bit unsatisfying. Make it longer, please. :)

Overall, I really enjoyed this song. I am adding this to my favorites. Let me know when you release another one!

Could you review back on my song? I would like to hear what a melodic person thinks of it.


ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks for the review, and I apparently need all the help I can get to combat those ridiculously vicious zero bombers! Nothing new there, I guess...

If I do another remake of this song (this is actually the 2nd to date), I will certainly let you know. I agree that the piano delay sounds a bit off, maybe because it's too loud, not timed quite right, or it's simply unnecessary. A remake would definitely see a change there in some way.

I personally like the ending, but since I always change songs that I remake - sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much - I'm sure that the ending would change, as well. I like being different, but maybe it's too different to really be appreciated. Like most things, only time will tell.

I am a music producer.


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